Revolutionizing IT Operations: A Journey of Digital Transformation

Revolutionizing IT Operations: A Journey of Digital Transformation

"The use of technology is the main lever a company can use. To increase productivity, but also to enable each member of my team to put their time and skills into activities where they bring the most value to my company."
Julien Liboiron - Liboiron

Our case study speaks highly of our own company. As entrepreneurs, we firmly believe in leading by example and adopting the methods and tools we offer to our clients.

At Liboiron, we experiment with most of the solutions we subsequently propose. Not all, for example, we don't have a transactional website. Before offering to digitally transform companies, we wanted to benefit from it ourselves.

We used several tools like Pipedrive CRM, Xero for accounting, and we used Monday, but not to its full potential. Our goal was to enhance our use of these powerful software tools to improve our productivity and allow us to spend more time on high-value tasks.

Project Goals

The project's objective was ambitious: to fully digitize Liboiron, automate most repetitive tasks that weren't already, and avoid any double data entry.

By this, we mean constructing integrations between various software like Pipedrive, Monday, Xero, Active Campaign, the Google suite, and many more.

After reviewing and streamlining our business processes, we designed a plan to synchronize all our software together. We then constructed the blueprint of our future Monday for Liboiron's complete management. We created several Monday boards for different business functions:

  • Operations (client project management, internal project management/strategic projects, repetitive IT tasks)
  • Finances (automated reports, commission management, bookkeeping queries)
  • Human Resources (employee directory, evaluations, leave requests, onboarding and offboarding)
  • Administration (corporate calendar, administrative task management, idea directory)

The sales aspect is managed in Pipedrive because this CRM is more flexible and powerful than what we can achieve in Monday. We therefore connected it to the latter. When a mandate is sold in Pipedrive, all project creation tasks are automatically executed in Monday.

We also connected Monday to Xero, our accounting software, for contact synchronization, invoice generation based on client project progress, and customized financial report generation.

Our bookkeeping processes were reviewed to make this tedious but essential task faster and reduce possible errors.

All our business processes designed during our process mapping are now managed in Monday. We have gained organization and efficiency because we always know the status of our projects, tasks, and what needs to be done.

Benefits of Using Technology

Following this optimization phase of our tech tools, we reaped several benefits:

  • Productivity increase through better organization and task automation
  • Error reduction and improved project tracking
  • Better financial visibility thanks to automated reportsMoreover, thanks to the use of Xero and our automations, we now have instant access to our financial reports. It's much easier to make informed decisions for Liboiron.

Advice for a Company Wishing to Digitally Transform

Before embarking on any digital transformation project, it's vital to plan well and understand your needs.

A significant part of our job is conducting digital audits and action plans, so we heeded our advice. Despite this preparatory work, there were surprises, but they significantly facilitated our job.

Planning before diving into execution might seem to slow down the project, but in reality, it prevents costly mistakes.

At Liboiron, we assist businesses in planning their systems, implementing them, and supporting their use.

The main challenge we've encountered in digital transformation projects is the lack of planning and the rush to select tools and start implementation.

This is a trap to avoid. Just as a general contractor needs a construction plan before building a house, do the same for your tech project.

We've undergone our digital transformation and know the steps required to achieve it. The effort is genuinely worth it. If you need help starting your digital transformation or taking your current one to the next level, contact us!

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