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Recover +10% of the hours worked by your team each year

We build systems to boost your productivity

Time wasting is a major neglected issue


of workers spend at least 25% of their time manually entering data into software programs


of employees spend at least 1.5 hours a day managing their e-mails


of employees are discouraged by repetitive tasks that could be automated


of workers have skills and time that need to be maximized for the success of the organization

Why are these situations tolerated?

The basics are not


Lack of knowledge
Exhaustion on low-value tasks
Lack of method
Overloading the current team and needing to hire constantly
Lack of skills
Emergency management
Lack of time
Feeling that important projects are not moving forward

How do entrepreneurs achieve efficient, organized teams?


1. Clear, defined processes

2. Organized communications and documentation

3. The right people in the right roles

1. Identify opportunities for productivity gains

2. Automate repetitive tasks

3. Easily deploy these improvements within their organization

Take your organization to new heights

Don't let repetitive tasks hold you back. Embrace technology to unleash your team's potential.

Make an appointment today to develop a customized optimization plan together.

The formula for successful companies

Technology is a key success factor for modern businesses, enabling them to increase efficiency and innovate rapidly. They all have these important points in common.

Clear, defined processes

All important business processes have been documented, explained and understood by all members of the organization. Each process has a person in charge who is accountable for the proper functioning of the process.

This clarity reduces time wasted due to lack of organization, and is the basis for automating repetitive everyday tasks.

Work organization

The organization's documentation is classified, accessible and easily consultable by anyone who needs it.

Communications are segmented according to type (general, external, project-related) to avoid being overwhelmed on more than one channel.

Process automation

Repetitive tasks are automated by technological tools, resulting in enormous productivity gains and fewer errors.

Employees can focus on important activities where their skills bring real value to the organization.

Using technology

Available technological tools are used, such as voice-to-text transcription, character recognition (OCR), artificial intelligence, electronic signatures and others.

The aim is to reduce wasted time, and the use of technology is an incredible lever for achieving this.

Liboiron in numbers:


Completed projects





Our promise to you

Recover +10% of the hours worked by your team each year

innovative rental management

Increased productivity

Increase production capacity with state-of-the-art technology

process automation

Lower operating costs

Automate low-value repetitive tasks for your team

seamless integration

Reduce human error

Repetitive tasks are an excellent place to commit errors of innattention.

Optimization phases


Stage 1

Setting up the technological tools for your digital transformation.


Stage 2

Automate your business processes.


Stage 3

Optimize your organization with AI, voice-to-text transcription and character recognition.


Stage 4

Monitoring technological advances to ensure exceptional productivity.

The steps in our method to achieve this goal

The method

We identify time wasters caused by bad processes or sub-optimal use of tools, assess with you the costs of keeping the situation as it is, and find solutions tailored to your situation.

Implementation of an optimization plan to enable you to recover +10% of the hours worked by your team.

Continuous optimization to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

  • Identification des opportunités

    Identifying opportunities

    Find out how your team can become more productive and profitable.

  • Mise en place des solutions

    Implementing solutions

    Integration of turnkey solutions.

    Optimization of business processes, implementation of technological solutions and work tools.

  • Optimisation continue

    Continuous optimization

    Monitoring of changes and advanced optimizations with the introduction of AI, character recognition (OCR) and voice-to-text transcription.

Recover +10% of the hours worked by your team each year

Find out how our team can help you reduce wasted time and increase profitability.

Concrete examples

Automatisation de l'entrée de données

Automated data entry

By integrating your different software packages together, you can greatly reduce the time your team spends on data entry or updating data between your different software packages.

Organisation du travail

Work organization

The use of project and task management tools enables better communication and management of work, while keeping track of the workload of each team member.

Rapports automatisés

Automated reporting

Get automated reports on your business so you can run it efficiently.

Spend time interpreting your reports, not building them.

Synchronisation des inventaires

Inventory synchronization

Synchronizing your different platforms reduces the time spent updating manually, and helps you avoid sales when your invntaire is at zero.

We support them in their optimization

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Very good listening to my needs. The results of Julien's work fully satisfy my requirements. He makes our day-to-day operations easier.
Rémi Letourneau, VP
Protech Construction
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Thank you to the entire Liboiron team, they were a pleasure to work with! They listened to our needs from start to finish when it came to automating our systems. Thanks to their expertise, we are now more efficient than ever in our tasks and operations.
Charles Sama, Président
oneChuck Productions
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Testimonial Quote Icon
What a great experience we had with Julien. He helped automate our business accounting. He is organized, professional and pleasant. I highly recommend him!
Mélina Bélanger, Président
Mélina Bélanger
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Unleash your potential with automation!

Stop letting time-consuming tasks slow down your team. Opt for automation and revolutionize your operations to maximize efficiency and innovation.

Make an appointment today to multiply your productivity.


Standard consultant

With Liboiron

Investments in projects with no guaranteed ROI
Projects with guaranteed results and your satisfaction
Management of a large number of projects and customers at the same time affects delivery
A few projects at a time to ensure success
Billing in banks of hours that contradict your interests
Your objectives are aligned with ours via our compensation scheme


Why automate tasks when I have employees for that?

Process automation's primary goal is not to replace your employees, but to free them up to work on tasks where they add the most value to your company.

For instance, a salesperson is more profitable for their employer when they are prospecting rather than when they are inputting data into a CRM. We assist sales teams by automating data entries to free up their time and allow them to sell more.

What is the ROI of this investment?

Investments in automation typically pay off within 3 months based on the automated activities of the businesses we assist. Moreover, with workforce challenges, using tools to accomplish more with our current team is a wise decision.

How can software help me reduce my operational costs?

Depending on your needs and situation, software can perform tasks faster than an employee, centralize information to prevent time loss, and avoid oversights or mistakes (such as with data entry).

What are your areas of expertise?

We are experts in process automation, integration, and CRM.

We are not a marketing or content production agency. However, we have a strong network and specialists in these areas to whom we can refer you if needed.

Why propose a Technological Planning before starting a project?

Technological Planning allows for the creation of a clear plan for the project you want to undertake.

It's the equivalent of a flight plan for a pilot. Technological Planning includes a mapping of your processes, your needs and objectives, and a clear action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Why pay for expert services when CRMs can be self-installed?

Many software applications can be implemented on their own without the need to use a specialist's services.

However, we do not recommend this if you are not familiar with this type of project. Unfortunately, we often have assignments where we have to redo software configurations because clients thought they could do it themselves and they can't achieve the desired results.

Rebuilding also costs more because we have to understand what has been done instead of starting from scratch with a clear plan for everyone.