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Julien Liboiron
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Julien Liboiron

Founder and architect of SAAS solutions

About Julien

I completed my technical DEC in instrumentation and automation at Cégep Ahuntsic in 2007, and then quickly went on to obtain my industrial electrician's certificate so that I could be as flexible as possible in my work.

I loved my job in industrial automation, but the work environment was limiting me and I wanted to be able to do more impact projects.

After more than 11 years working in industrial automation for various companies in Quebec (Suncor, Kruger, Ville de Montréal, Vibac, Top Tubes), I decided to make a change and founded Liboiron to help companies use technology to increase their productivity.

My goal is to combine the best technological tools and strategies to improve businesses here.

So since 2018, I've been pursuing my automation projects, but in the digital transformation of organizations.


Over the course of my career in industrial automation, I was able to work on and participate in a number of improvement and optimization projects, which enabled me to develop the sound working methods I use today at Liboiron in digital transformation projects.

I've had the chance to work in a variety of manufacturing and industrial companies from different backgrounds. From tape manufacturers to petrochemicals to pulp and paper and drinking water treatment.

Since 2018, at Liboiron, I've been involved in dozens of technology projects, ranging from CRM implementations to accounting system implementations, while also carrying out numerous digital audits.

Laurent Belanger - Expert automatisation de processus
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Laurent Bélanger

Developer and integrator of SAAS solutions

About Laurent

From an early age, my passion for programming took root. By the age of ten, I was already creating my own programs in QBASIC and Pascal, exploring the basics of computer programming.

However, this was only the beginning of my journey. Over time, I discovered that programming wasn't limited to computer screens.

I realized that it could be used to bring the real world to life by programming microcontrollers.

This discovery opened the door to a fascinating world where I could create automated systems, connected objects and much more.


I have extensive experience in the field of industrial automation, having started my career in 2008.

Over the years, I've faced many challenges and worked on complex projects. My most recent professional experience took me to a large German multinational specializing in complete business automation.

I had the opportunity to work on a complex ERP system, involving the integration of robotization for shipping lines. My role was crucial, as I was responsible for supporting the customer's operations, while acting as a link between software developers and on-site SCADA automation.

This position required a thorough understanding of automated systems and the ability to solve complex problems while ensuring smooth communication between the technical and operational teams.

In 2018, a new opportunity presented itself to me, opening up exciting new horizons. I discovered business process automation through the cloud and software as a service (SaaS), joining the Liboiron company.

Jeremy Paymal
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Jérémy Paymal

SAAS solutions integrator

About Jérémy

I crossed the Atlantic in 2015 and decided to settle in Quebec. Passionate about evolution and varied challenges, my career path encompasses 3 sectors of activity: security, sports and events.

These experiences have shaped my vision of the business world, giving me a wide range of skills. I'm passionate about productivity, organization and new technologies, and I'm currently involved in the tech sector, where my mission is to optimize business operations by automating their processes, thus saving considerable time.

I'm firmly convinced that technological innovation is the foundation on which operational excellence and organizational success are built, and I'm always open to exchange and collaboration, taking on new challenges and contributing to the success of companies thanks to my expertise and passion for operational efficiency.


In 2022, I decided to follow my passion for technology by making a career transition: as the events industry had not been spared by the pandemic, after a decade spent in this field in Paris and then Montreal, I decided to write a new chapter in my life.

I began my journey as a freelance web developer, diving immediately into the world of freelance web development. In September 2023, I was given the opportunity to join the Liboiron team as a SAAS integrator. Building on my past experiences, my vision differs and translates into a unique evaluation and analytical approach.

My diverse background allows me to see problems and solutions from a different point of view, bringing a valuable perspective to my role at Liboiron.

As part of the team, I contribute to the integration of software solutions, helping the company evolve and optimize its processes. My commitment to continuous learning, adaptability and perseverance are assets I strive to bring to Liboiron.